Timelapse: finishing the rafter install

After an early morning run to the lumber yard Brian finished setting the rafters, and I was chasing his work hanging hurricane ties. I was having trouble with the nails I’d bought and realized they were the right length but wrong type and despite buying A THOUSAND DIFFERENT BOXES of nails for this and other projects none of them was the exact nail Simpson specifies for this connection.

Until that moment I had no idea that 8d is actually a different gauge depending on the type of nail, and standing in the hot sun on top of a ladder bending one nail after another I hit my limit. Brian found me near tears muttering to myself “Why there are so many types of nails!”

We found a solution and I was quickly back to hammering and laughing at the frustration. It was a good learning moment on two fronts – I know more about nails, and I found a great new technique for setting tico nails: channel my anger at there being so many types of nails in the world. Rage Hammering… highly recommend.

All in all, it was a good day. We’re ready to put the roof on and windows in, and it feels good to be well staged and back to moving quickly again after last week’s stalls.

x Liz

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