Finishing the rafter install

Started the day with a crack of dawn raid on the lumberyard to replace the casualties from yesterday’s debacle. Braved I-5 in morning rush hour and still made it home in time to wake Liz with morning coffee. I am basically a superhero. #boyfriendpoints.

Made quick work of setting the last two rafters while Liz chased me setting H1 rafter ties. Like most of the hardware in this little house, these are total overkill but I’m sure they will give some regulator a stiffy if and when tiny houses ever become legal and need to be inspected. The 8” headlock screws we used for the rafter to beam connection are a bit more elegant.

For venting on top of our bird blocks we decided to use strips of the same Cor-a-Vent SV3 strips that we will be using between the rain screen battens to keep insects out of the air channel behind the siding. By tacking these right on top of carefully sized bird blocks we have a full width air channel 7/16” tall. It doesn’t seem like enough airspace but the cross-sectional area is really not that different than the aluminum drill-and-pound birdblock screens vents that are usually half blocked by insulation. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more height for peace of mind but our insulation detail only leaves a half inch of vent space anyway so the point is moot. I really like the Cor-a-Vent, it makes for a nice clean tight installation.

– Brian.

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