Timelapse: installing the rafters

Today was one of those days that should have been more productive than it actually was. Started with news from the power company that they were doing work in the area and the power would be off for the better part of the day. Luckily most of our tools are battery powered.

Spent an hour in the morning planning electrical runs – important but not the task at hand for the day. When we were finally able to dig into setting the roof rafters things started moving along nicely- until one snapped in half with Brian on top of it. See his previous post for details. Luckily it was only the rafter that broke, but it did so late enough in the day to hold up its replacement and the rest of the roof framing until tomorrow.

Doors and windows get delivered tomorrow, so as soon as we finish up the roof we can get those in place!

x Liz

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