Timelapse: window installation

Got the windows in today! Budget has been a big consideration in this project (as in any project) and something I’ll go into in more depth in future posts. Our goal is a house that’s both easy to build and easy on the wallet, but windows and doors are one place I chose to spend a little extra.

We opted for fiberglass windows for this build, and went with the Marvin Integrity line. These are widely considered the best bang for your buck, especially on the lower end of the price spectrum. Definitely spendier than vinyl, but still affordable at a much better quality. And far better for the environment.

We went with standard sizes to keep cost and delivery time down, and chose a clearcoated pine for the living space and an all fiberglass option for the bath window with it’s close proximity to the shower. All black exterior finish, which I’m super happy with.

I’m sure we’ll be posting more photos and details. Next up is the matching French door!

– Liz

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