Timelapse: installing the ice & water shield

Short days the last few days while we time work around materials pickup and the heat of some very summery days. Got the ice and water shield applied to the roof Saturday morning and then went out to pickup some cedar for fascia and trim.

Scored some beautiful, almost clear boards out of the tight knot stash at our favorite local yard. When we stopped at the Rebuilding Center on the ride home looking for something else, they had a stack of 2x12x10 cedar so we dug through that as well. Gotta love salvage – these were seconds from a local mill, but we were able to score a handful of good boards. At a price equivalent to a 2×6 stick, we can rip these down to whatever sizes we need as we need them.

Sunday was experimenting with finishes on the cedar fascia boards. We settled on a rich yakisugi finish (known more commonly around the internet as shou sugi ban) – details on our technique in Brian’s last post. We hung the boards Monday morning and then waited for the afternoon shade to install our standing seam roof.

x Liz

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