Some last minute framing updates

Today we paused to address some things that have been bugging us and some things that we didn’t even know we needed to change until recently.

First up was adding even more attachment points for the hammock chairs that figure prominently into our seating plan. The original idea was a couple of attachment points in the main structural beam as an additional seat that isn’t the edge of the bed. Then we transitioned into the idea of a continuous pipe hanging below the beam both for architectural affect and even more choices. Then I thought it would be great to just sit right inside the French doors literally hanging out and looking at the garden, so I sistered an especially stiff old growth 2 x 4 To the 2 x 6 rafter for strength, which still leaves room for foam insulation above and interrupts what would have been an unacceptable thermal bridge. I drilled holes for eyebolts and set plate nuts in the top, so I can set the bolts only where I want them when I want them and plug the other holes we’re not using. One attachment location quickly became the favored one and I noticed where I would always naturally position myself while Liz was hanging in the chair. Looking straight up from there the need and location for a complementary attachment point became obvious. At this point the roof was already on the house so it took a bit of surgery but nothing too brutal.

The other big change was the window heights which have been bugging us ever since we sheeted the walls. What we wanted was such a minor change that it was hard to justify the effort but I’ve learned to trust my gut. A steady hand and an abundance of remodel tools made quick work of dropping the end windows an inch and a half and the result makes a huge difference in the overall feel.

Last thing that needed doing was adding just a little bit of height and outward slope to the sill plate for our door pan install, which I accomplished with a thin strip of carefully beveled and sanded birch plywood..

– Brian

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