Timelapse: re-framing a window

Sometimes you gotta slow down and reassess before moving forward. Today after much discussion, Brian did some last-minute surgery to the framing, dropping our end windows by an inch and a half each.

Functionally, our original placement had been perfectly fine. Good, even. But it just kind of bugged both of us. On the low end of the house the window felt crammed too far up to the roof line, and the other end was likely going to feel the same once we frame in the bathroom.

I’d made my peace with it, because really, how much of a difference was an inch and a half going to make? It didn’t seem worth the effort to change. But it just kept nagging at us as we were preparing to install our windows,and we’ve both felt the consequences of not trusting that gut feeling on projects in the past.

Once the windows were in it would be a done deal, and getting stuck with something we don’t like seemed la worse risk than a couple hours of house surgery. So Brian dug in, and it became immediately clear that it was the right call. It was like the whole space exhaled and settled into itself. It really is amazing what an inch difference here or there can make in the feel of a space, especially in this small of a build.

x Liz

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