Mudding and taping

Brian’s taking a few weeks off from the tiny house to build some kayaks over at Cape Falcon Kayak, so I’m spending some quality time alone with the house, finishing the interior walls. I’ve done a bit of drywall finishing, but this is a good opportunity to up my mudding and taping game. It’s definitely an intimidating undertaking!

I started the week prepping the space — protecting anything that needed protecting with plastic, running a knife over all the screws to listen for that telltale clink that says they’re not deep enough and resetting any outliers. I spent way too much time digging dried mud out of electrical boxes after hiring a crew to rock my last project, so I stuffed newspaper into all the boxes and taped them off.

After procrastinating as long as I possibly could could, I got the mud and tape and started to make a plan. Digging in it became apparent that we could have planned our install better to make finishing easier. The big mistake was not buying a couple of ten foot sheets of rock, which would have allowed us to land the one big butt joint under a piece of trim that’s planned for the middle of the rear wall. That had always been on my radar, but we were tired and rushed on install day and it slipped my mind, so now the pressure’s on to learn to do a really good butt joint!


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