Outdoor shower details

We finished the structure for the outdoor shower this weekend, just in time for my birthday today! Brian’s talked a lot about the construction in previous posts, but I’m going to walk through the details again here now that we’ve got photos to share.

The roof of the shower structure will support the solar collector that ties into our hybrid solar/wood fired water system. The framing holding the collector is mounted to the side of the tiny house with hinges, to flex with the house as it settles and to allow us to change the angle of the collector to experiment with our solar window.

We were able to build this almost entirely out of scrap from our tiny house build, repurposing unused beams from Reclaim NW and some salvage wood from the Rebuilding Center for all the structural supports, and the privacy screen was assembled from leftover siding from Building Material Resources. Everything is finished with Timber Pro UV. The screen folds up, all the supports are tied together with structural screws, and the shower itself will be plumbed into a removable panel, so everything can be easily disassembled and move with the house to a future location.

We still have to plumb the shower itself and install the collector (which needs repairing after our surprise opening it up a few days ago), but is such a treat having this beauty out back while the garden is still mostly green. Check out our previous posts for timelapse of the whole thing going together.

– Liz

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