Everything and the kitchen sink

We’re officially in the “zillion little things” phase of building our tiny house. Wiring switches, fans, installing passive air vents, planning cabinets and built-ins. The cabinetry in tiny spaces can be a little nerve-wracking at times because everything keys off of everything else like a puzzle, so our choices and especially our measurements need to be exact, (which is not always my strong suit!)

Today’s big triumph was choosing a sink, and not some cute little tiny house or RV sink that looks great but is aggravating to use. Nope, this is a full width, full depth two basin sink.

In all of the small spaces I’ve built this is my preferred set up: One basin for use and one basin being dedicated to a dish rack where the dishes usually live and when we’re done using them we wash them and put them back in the rack. Simple, effective, and unlike a drainboard + single basin we can use the second basin when the need arises.

This reclaimed stainless sink from the Rebuilding Center definitely fits our salvage ethic and our budget. Normally I am very anti-stainless sink which leads me on wild goose chases trying to locate rare enameled steel sinks (not cast iron) but with so much of the interior moving towards muted grays and whites, and the stainless stove pipe nearby, I think in this case it might be just the right thing. (Fingers crossed!)

With the sink decided I could finally get rolling on making a map for the kitchen counter shelves. This is one of those things where you really want to have the actual hardware in hand before you make any decisions. Building this will be a good project while we wait for the floor finish to dry, which will hopefully be next week!


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