Finishing our maple countertops

I started the day by checking on the maple floors that we finished in the tiny house yesterday and ended up staring at them like a simpleton for at least a half hour.

Once I was able to pry myself away from the beauty and mesmerizing grain patterns of the Big Leaf Maple that we bought from Zena Forest Products, (and coated with 5% White Rubio Monocoat Oil+2C which we bought Greenpointe Wood Floor Supplies, we turned our attention to the hard maple counters and shelves that we laminated with help from Creative Woodworking NW .
Rubio recommend sanding to 120, but I went all the way to 180 and to do it again I would’ve gone to 220 like I did on my last Rubio coated counters. It’s important to work through the grits, changing sandpaper frequently otherwise you just end up smashing down the fibers instead of shearing them off. After sanding I cleaned and water popped the surface with a very lightly damp cloth.

We decided to use a paint pad rather than a squeegee to apply the Pure Rubio plus 2C that we bought from Sustainable NW Wood – this consumes a lot more material than using a squeegee but I feel like it soaks in deeper this way which is probably good for a hard-working counter. We then scrubbed the Rubio in hard with a white pad, and then buffed it dry with a clean cloth.

– Brian

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